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The Lightman System

"Time is both cruel and kind, chance is more cruel than kind, and trying to defeat both is hard.

The Lightman System is a supreme example of how fiction can tell this story."

- Stephen Fry

The lightman system cover.jpg

"A lyrical and upsettingly accurate work ... the beauty of the writing provides its own redemption."

- Adam Thorpe

"The story uncovers the subtle workings of a family dynamic (the things withheld, the things inferred, the psychological and emotional coding) and even when events take a terrifying turn, the distinctive blend of restraint, vividness, humour and compassion make this a compellingly enjoyable read. I was moved to tears by the ending.


The Lightman System is a deeply involving, wise, wonderfully-written book."

- Amelia Bullmore


My novel The Lightman System is now published by Wrecking Ball Press.

It's available now for order directly from the publisher.  Please do!


... but you can also buy it from shops.  Examples: Wrecking Ball Music and Books, which is a dream shop.  Also Primrose Hill Books in London, which is another kind of dream shop - except that both of them actually exist.  Please support them and their like. 


And please visit Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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